Ongoing Cultivation: Grant Writing & Fundraising Services

Grant Writing Contracts

Is your office transitioning grant writing staff? Do you have more proposals in your pipeline than you can manage on your own? Do you need a grant writer without the added expense of onboarding a full staff member? I can offer from 5-30 hours of support each month in writing proposals and reports, assembling attachments, and submitting online applications, giving you the peace of mind knowing that you are not missing out on that next deadline. 3-, 6-, and 12-month contracts available.

Proposal Review & Editing

Many organizations benefit from having a fresh set of eyes on their proposal. Proposals will be reviewed and edited for grammar, structure and content, as well as applicability to a foundation’s specific guidelines. Reviewing will include up to two rounds of edits and feedback with an opportunity for a phone, Zoom, or in-person meeting to provide additional clarification and suggestions.

Fundraising Direct Mail Appeals

While many of us are drawn to the ease of email, it feels good to receive a beautiful appeal with an inspiring story in the mail. It’s something that you can hold in your hand, creating a physical connection with your donors as you make your care for support. A strong appeal reaches individual donors on multiple levels. Let me help you create an appeal plan to tell your story, target your prospects, and follow-up to ensure maximum success.

Fundraising Email Appeals

Is your online appeal targeted to the needs of your donors? Do you have a subject line that says “open me” when it shows up in a list with 100 others? Does your email clearly brand your organization to make you stand out? Are you targeting your donors with the right type of ask, or giving the same generic plea to everyone, even if they’ve already given? Let me help you put the basics into place, outline a plan and timeline, and create language that inspires your donors to give!

Donor Stewardship Plan

Donors need to feel needed! Did you know that when donors received a thank you within 72 hours of making a gift, 93% said that they would give again, and 84% said that they would make a larger gift? When donors are shown the impact of their gift, their relationship with your organization grows. Let me help you create a plan and materials to acknowledge donors promptly, update them regularly, and understand their motives for giving.

Commission and Deferred Payment Policy: As a policy, Jennie Swantz/the Nonprofit Gardener does not write grant proposals based on commission or deferred payment. The reason for this policy is based on best practices. Leading professional groups, including the Association for Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and the Grant Professionals Association (GPA) prohibit contingency pay. Foundations typically do not allow fundraising expenses, including the payment of a grantwriter, to be a line item in the budget. In addition, there are many factors that contribute to a foundation’s funding decisions, which may include prior relationships with the organization, an organization’s history of carrying out successful programs, and a strong fit with the foundation mission. A well-written grant proposal is only one of many of these factors.