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How can I help you grow?

Committed and Customized to You

I value each of my client’s unique contributions to making our world a better place. In order to help you grow, I want to get to know you, your organization, your strengths, and your challenges. Contact me to schedule a complimentary face-to-face introductory meeting at a location of your choosing in Dutchess, Ulster, or Columbia County, so that we can start building our relationship and laying a strong foundation for our work together. — Jennie Swantz Stokum, Founder

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Nonprofit Formation

Do you have a great idea to help your community? Does the process of creating a nonprofit organization seem like a maze of forms and numbers? Have you recently received your 501c3 status from the IRS but are at a loss as to what to do next? Along with my network of attorneys and accountants, I can help you cultivate your idea into a strong business plan, which all nonprofit organizations need in order to thrive.

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For many nonprofits, grants from foundations are a vital source of funding. But with over 200,000 private foundations across the US, and over 1 million nonprofit organizations competing for funds, where do you begin? With more than 15 years experience of working with foundations, I can help you develop the tools you need to 1) find the foundations that are the best fit for your programs, 2) create compelling proposal language that can be used over and over, and 3) outline a plan to increase your chances of success.

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Just like a garden, nonprofit organizations grow best when there is a plan in place. A good plan combines a variety of strategies, a detailed timeline, and the steps needed to identify, cultivate, and steward your donors so that they feel involved and committed to your mission. Whether you are at the beginning stages of planning, or want to add a new strategy to your plan, I can help you grow and thrive.

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