Get Ready to Grow: Putting the Basics Into Place

Strategic Fundraising Plan

Having a strong plan in place for fundraising produces greater results and opportunities to identify areas of improvement. I will work with you to review and audit your current fundraising efforts, identify your goals, outline a strategic mix of fundraising activities, and develop a comprehensive action plan, complete with tasks and a week-by-week timeline for execution.

Donor Management Database

Is your “database” a jumble of Excel sheets cobbled together with QuickBooks reports? Would you like the flexibility to easily search your donors and their gifts, keep track of communications, and create plans for ongoing cultivation and stewardship? Are you worried that the systems out there are too complicated or more than you can afford? Fear not! I can help you assess your database needs, identify the best solution for your organization and budget, and get you set up for success.

Grant Proposal Template

Stop reinventing the wheel with every grant proposal! Having a proposal template on hand saves you time and energy, and provides consistent language to answer a foundation’s questions. Together we will work to tell your story and prepare a template that includes organization mission and history, accomplishments, need statement, and a detailed program description with goals, objectives, program activities, evaluation measures, and results. This service also includes the creation of a condensed 2-page letter of inquiry (LOI) to introduce your organization to new foundation prospects.

Foundation Prospect Research

There are over 85,000 foundations in the US, all with their own individual interests and ideas. So how do you identify the foundations that would be most interested in YOUR work? With access to several foundation databases, and extensive knowledge of foundations supporting the Hudson Valley and beyond, I can help you identify the grant opportunities most likely to be successful for you, create a comprehensive spreadsheet of grant and funder information, and outline the next steps for you to start building relationships and obtaining grant funding.

Getting Grant Ready

Not every organization is quite ready to write grants and be competitive for funding. I will work with you to assess your organization, systems, and documents for grant readiness, and create a detailed plan of action to help your nonprofit become grant ready.