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Jennie Swantz Stokum, The Nonprofit Gardener

photo of Jennie Stokum with the tagline for The Nonprofit Gardener,

photo of Jennie Stokum leaning against a brick wallOver the past 20 years Jennie Swantz Stokum has served in a wide range of nonprofit roles, from educator, to volunteer coordinator, to database and donor communications manager, to Director of Development. In 2016 she left her full-time job to bring her experience and skills to a greater number of nonprofits, with a vision to create a vibrant garden of thriving organizations in the Hudson Valley, NY. Every project the Nonprofit Gardener undertakes is customized to each client’s needs, goals, and level of development. 

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What Clients Are Saying

Working with Jennie Stokum on collaborative grant writing projects has been a wonderful and seamless experience. She brings a wealth of experience in multiple disciplines including donor management, technical writing, program evaluation, and fundraising operations. Her grants are effortlessly persuasive and her style is always succinct and clear. Ramapo for Children has had the benefit of Jennie’s expertise and passion for many years and continues to benefit from the fruits of her labor with several foundation partnerships standing the test of time on the back of her exemplary groundwork. Thank you Jennie, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate! — Chris Olver, Associate Executive Director, Development, Strategy & Operations

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