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Foundation & Grantwriting Services

Foundation Prospect Research

Do you need help in identifying viable prospects for supporting your program? I will identify grant opportunities most likely to be successful for you, create a comprehensive spreadsheet of grant and funder information, identify the next steps for each funder, and create an overall timeline for applications.

Grant Proposal & Case Statement Templates

Let me help you create a solid grant proposal template that can be used for up to 80% of your grant applications. Proposal template will include organization mission and history, need statement with citations, program goals and objectives, program activities and timeline (if applicable), projected outcomes and impact, and evaluation measures. Optional preparation of 1-2 page letter of inquiry based on proposal.

Comprehensive Grant Development Plan

Combining the elements of foundation prospect research and grant proposal templates listed above, this service also includes preparation of an itemized and condensed program budget and a basic logic model.

Individual Grant Proposals

Fees vary dependent on the length and complexity of the grant application. Generally a medium-sized grant proposal (3-5 pages) without a template in place will be between $600-1,000 based on an hourly rate of $100. A 1-2 page proposal would cost $300-500. Having text for your organization already created will reduce the time and costs for each proposal.

Grantwriting/Prospect Research Service Retainer Packages

A service retainer will enable you to retain grantwriting services over a set period of time for a set number of grants. The cost/grant is lower with this plan. Timeframe and number of grants on retainer are negotiable.

Grant Proposal Review/Editing

Many organizations benefit from having a fresh set of eyes on their proposal. Proposals will be reviewed and edited for grammar, structure and content. Reviewing will include two rounds of edits and feedback with an opportunity for either a teleconference or an in-person meeting (for organizations in the Hudson Valley, NY) to provide clarification.

Commission and Deferred Payment Policy: As a policy, Jennie Swantz Stokum/the Nonprofit Gardener does not write grant proposals based on commission or deferred payment. The reason for this policy is based on best practices. Leading professional groups, including the Association for Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and the Grant Professionals Association (GPA) prohibit contingency pay. Foundations typically do not allow fundraising expenses, including the payment of a grantwriter, to be a line item in the budget. In addition, there are many factors that contribute to a foundation’s funding decisions, which may include prior relationships with the organization, an organization’s history of carrying out successful programs, and a strong fit with the foundation mission. A well-written grant proposal is only one of many of these factors.